How To Train For A Marathon For The First Time


Few things in the world can be compared to running your first marathon. It is replete with both the mystery of a great novel and the nerves of your first day at school.

Your initial stab at 42km (26.2 miles) can be daunting, but with the correct training and race-day techniques, your debut marathon will be remembered always – hopefully for all the best reasons.

To help you train, we have put together top four top tips which every first-time marathon participant should consider before their first race:

Develop a training program which works for you

There are plenty of training programs that recommend doing ‘silly miles‘, even as a first-time runner. Generally, rest and recovery is just as crucial as running, but running six days in a week..! These programs are developed by people who have participated in many marathons and lost perspective on what is necessary or possible, for a first-timer. Train your body in recovery too.

Also, you need to evaluate how to fit your training program around your daily life (that is critical, too, remember).

Do some major strength exercises

No need to strain yourself, but you can develop some core stability training. Done several times a week for 10-15 minutes, these will help your body avoid injury and help maintain your form while running.

Warm up properly

A good warm up is very important on race day, and can make the difference between hitting your target time and smashing the hardest wall halfway through. Before you arrive at the start line, always do about 10 minutes of light jogging followed by five minutes of dynamic stretches like leg swings and lunges.

If you are following the split strategy, take the first mile slowly since it is the best way of rounding-off your warm up. It also ensures your body is ready to perform.

Be your own greatest cheerleader

It is very easy to get down on ourselves, especially when the going gets tough. Stop being pessimistic since it will do more harm than good. Smile, motivate yourself, and give yourself some self-talk about how amazing it is that you are even starting in your first marathon!

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