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Simple & Easy Dumbbell Exercises For Powerful Fitness Results

dumbbell workout

One of the big problems in the fitness industry today is this desire to make everything just way too complicated, from the individual exercises to the training routines. Then there’s all the fancy gadgets and machines in all the gyms. Because of this, too many people feel overwhelmed and never even start a fitness program […]

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How To Train For A Marathon For The First Time

Few things in the world can be compared to running your first marathon. It is replete with both the mystery of a great novel and the nerves of your first day at school. Your initial stab at 42km (26.2 miles) can be daunting, but with the correct training and race-day techniques, your debut marathon will […]

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Marathon Start

Doesn’t this photo just get you fired up and itching to run 🙂 Every time I see a runner waiting to start a marathon, muscles tensed like coiled springs… man, it just makes me want to get my runners on and head out.

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