Simple & Easy Dumbbell Exercises For Powerful Fitness Results

dumbbell workout

One of the big problems in the fitness industry today is this desire to make everything just way too complicated, from the individual exercises to the training routines. Then there’s all the fancy gadgets and machines in all the gyms.

Because of this, too many people feel overwhelmed and never even start a fitness program because it seems way too complicated. Or, they quit not long after starting for the same reason.

The great news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only can exercises and training programs be simple and easy to do, they can get you even better results in less time than those complicated programs!

How is that possible, you ask? Firstly you need a proper plan. If you just turn up at the gym, wander around aimlessly doing a bit of this and bit of that, your results are going to be underwhelming. If you follow a well designed exercise plan, like P90X or the popular Adonis Golden Ratio System (does it really work?) then you know that many thousands of people before you have used it and got results.

Next, enter the dumbbell! It’s a simple piece of equipment, it doesn’t take up much space, it’s easy to use, it’s versatile and it gets results.

Just combine easy dumbbell exercises with some simple training techniques and strategies and you’ll have a lifetime of results producing fitness training ahead of you!

And it doesn’t matter if your fitness goal is muscle building, fat burning, or just wanting to get into better overall shape for daily life, to improve a sport, train for a marathon or whatever fitness goal matters to you.

These different goals would just involve some tweaks in how you perform your workouts, but you can get the job done with the same easy dumbbell exercises.

You see, the basics are the basics for a reason. They work! This means easy exercises like dumbbell squats, lunges, rows, presses, swings, deadlifts and curls.

These are not complicated exercises, they are one’s most people already know and can master in a matter of minutes.

One of the best training techniques you can use with your dumbbell exercises is called a complex. This is simply doing a handful of exercises in a row, all with the same dumbbell, or dumbbells, without every putting them down.

No need to change weights or have multiple dumbbells. You can get a fantastically effective workout in very little time, as little as ten minutes and no more than twenty-five.

Here’s an example training routine that really works – this is how a skinny guy can gain muscle because it’s a simple, effective, easily performed routine. You perform each dumbbell exercise for the noted number of repetitions and then immediately go to the next exercise.

When you are finished the complex, you rest sixty to ninety seconds before starting again and you complete the complex for the proscribed number of rounds.

The number of rounds will depend on the number of exercises in the complex, the number of repetitions, as well as your current conditioning and fitness levels.

  • Squat – 5
  • Standing Press – 5
  • Alternate Forward Lunge – 6 (3 per side)
  • Standing Push Press – 5
  • Split Squat – 5
  • Bent Over Row – 5

Rest 60 to 90 seconds and repeat for two to five rounds

Complexes can be put together in any number of ways. You could do as few as three exercises or do ten or more.

The reps can be kept low for more strength and muscle building, or go even higher for a metabolism boosting, calorie burning, kick butt conditioning workout. It’s entirely up to you.

The key is, you can do all this with simple dumbbell exercises without ever running out of unique training programs or getting bored.

No complicated, long routines, and no crazy equipment gadgets. Give it a try!

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