You can now register online for Marathon or 10km with secured payment.

Last minute!

  • If you only want to order lunches (Saturday lunch) or dinner (Saturday night steak night) because you do not run or you’re accompanying, download the registration form (bottom of this page).
  • The file processing is in the order within a week. Do not worry if your file does not appear as “complete”.
  • Erratum. Error on the registration form “paper”: the medical certificate must be dated 12 May 2017 maximum (not April 12, 2012).
  • It is fully permitted to take a bike rider on the marathon, from 1 km to 40 km (before entering the citadel). Impossible by 10 km.

You can also get the form in PDF format which can be downloaded here. You must send it back with your payment before May 7, 2017.

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